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  • Tips for a Winning Web Site

    Make your site brief and quick loading. Avoid large graphics, fancy Flash movies and hefty JavaScripts. Have a sharp marketing focus. Display your most important marketing information on your front page. Avoid filling it with tons of details or hyperlinks. Your front page's primary function is to capture the visitors' attention and generate further desired actions such as the browsing of your sales catalog.

    Adopt attractive and professional designs. This is one investment that will pay off in the long run. Your Web site is your on line salesperson. It reflects your business image. An attractively designed site builds sales credibility and trust.

    Create a uniform theme. Use uniform colors and graphics throughout your site. Take a peek at the Web sites of top market players in your industry. What kind of design do they adopt? If they are at the top, they are definitely getting it right.

    Lack of navigational links or too much of them affects sales.   Sites with little navigational links leave visitors stranded as they browse deeper. A common navigational menu, either at the left-hand side or the top and bottom of every page, ensures a smoother browsing experience.   Having excessive links in your navigational menu also confuse visitors. If your average visitor spends just 15 minutes at your site, you want them to go to your most important pages. Avoid fanciful navigational menus that load too slowly.

    Place your ordering link at a prominent position. Let your visitors find your order form easily.   Make sure that your prices, shipping and handling costs, delivery schedule, return policy and guarantees are clearly displayed or linked.   Ask only for the necessary information to complete the sale transaction. Avoid unnecessary fields. Your customers want to complete their transaction quickly.

    Seal Programs such as the Better Business Bureau on line Reliability Seal at https://www.bbbonline.org can enhance your business image.   Displaying these seals on your Web site assure potential customers that your business is credible and legitimate. This is especially useful for new start-ups or small businesses.

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