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  • DYI - Build your own web site in minutes! Inexpensive web sitesDo it yourself web site design.... made easy!

    Inexpensive web site services. If you need something fast, easy and simple, your very own web site is the answer! Easy to make, easy to maintain and easy on the wallet!

    We at JMWD have been designing web sites for years and most people want a web site that is informative, effective and inexpensive. Now anyone can build their very own web site! We have rounded up all the tools necessary and within minutes you can put your business/services on the world wide web.


  • DYI Websites that you can do yourself. If your website is new OR you want to update your existing website. Templates are easy and very attractive.

  • WebSite Builder easy-to-use web site building application that enables the user to build, refine and publish a web site in a few minutes and very simple steps.

  • Domain Name Registration save $$$ by registering your domain name here. Why pay $36 per year?

  • WebSite Add On's additional website services to keep visitors at your site. Accept credit cards, Counters, Quick Shopping Cart, Express Email Marketing, Blog Casts, Email Mailing Lists, Tell A Friend,......and many more!

  • Hosting web site hosting starting at $9.95 per month.

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